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The private German Kindergarten Germani is a new and unique experience for young and old! Caring for the whole family, we want to provide you with maximum comfort while saving you time. With us you can always be near your child, you are assured that you get the best preschool education in an entirely German-speaking environment and, at the same time, you can indulge yourself.
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The private German Kindergarten Germani accepts children in the following groups:

  • nursery – requirement: children can walk without help
  • 1 group – 3-4 years old
  • 2 group – 4-5 years old
  • 3 group – 5-6 years old
  • 4 group – over 6 years old

The private German Kindergarten Germani is licensed by virtue of Order No. RD 14-64, dated 10 June 2010 by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science.
The pedagogical principles and objectives of the Kindergarten are consistent with the requirements of both the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science and the German Law on National Education.
Using the best educational programmes from Germany („Kikus“ , „Würzburger Sprachprogramm - Hören, lauschen, lernen“ and "Hans Hase") , we gently immerse our pupils in the riches of the new language.
One Bulgarian teacher and one educator who is a native German speaker are assigned to each group so that the children can master the German language as a second mother tongue without a dialect.The children’s everyday life is in an entirely German-language environment and is filled with many interesting games and educational activities.


  • Spacious and bright learning rooms
  • Separate bedroom for each group
  • 7 acres yard with two playgrounds
  • Alley for sports
  • Transport
  • Healthcare, medical office with an isolator
  • Consultation with a psychologist and speech therapist
  • Own heated swimming pool
  • Video surveillance in all rooms
  • Ionizer air purifier

Here is a complete list of the studied subjects:

  • German Language
  • Bulgarian Language and Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Social World
  • Natural World
  • Fine Arts
  • Music
  • Constructive, Technical and Household Activities
  • Game Culture
  • Physical Education

Additional educational and sport activities:

  • music activities – singing, accompanied with piano( day nursery, first and second group), and piano and flute (third and fourth group)
  • theater school
  • Ski school
  • swimming in our swimming pool
  • cookery lessons
  • gymnastics and exercises in coordinating the body movements
  • celebrations and carnivals
  • modern ballet and latin dance classes
  • karate
  • football school
  • tennis lessons
  • Yoga

Twice a week we organise swimming lessons in the indoor swimming pool of Germani with a view to Vitosha. The water temperature is constant - 28°C. In addition we organise football classes, modern ballet and Latin dancing classes in the Kindergarten. During the summer months, together with Artlend Theatre School we organise a theatre school.
The Kindergarten has a large garden - nearly 2 acres – equipped with children’s climbing frames and a large trampoline. Using specially developed software, the parents can monitor in real time, at home, what their child is doing.
To work with the parents is of particular importance for us. Therefore, every day we send by email a daily report with information on how the child has slept during the day, what the child has learnt, how the child has felt and other details. Summary reports are sent at the end of every month and every two months we organise teacher-parents’ meetings in order to meet and discuss everything related to our children.
While the children are actively learning German, playing and having fun with educators from Germany, Austria and Bulgaria, we take care of their families too. In the garden of the Kindergarten there is a complex for adults, including a gourmet bistro, indoor swimming pool, Power Plate, LPG, sauna, hair and beauty salon. Also, for parents who do not want to lag behind their children, we offer German courses for adults.

Kindergarten tuition taxes:

  • Full-Day Kindergarten – 750 leva per month

    By payment in advance and/or for second child enrolled, You will get a discount.

    /the price includes learning materials, eating 4 times a day (breakfast, fruit brunch, lunch and snack in the afternoon), swimming twice a week in our swimming pool with hot water, a full-day teaching in German language,insurance, music and music educator, medical care, daily Report, camera surveillance/